What is the difference between your boot camp guide and your competitors?
Easy. Our competitors have absolutely no experience training Navy Recruits.  Unlike our competitors, our Navy Boot Camp Guide was written by subject-matter experts (Recruit Division Commanders) and incorporates their years of experience and expertise in training Navy Recruits at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes.  

We have information in our Boot Camp Guide you can't find anywhere else.  Besides getting the readily available information the others advertise, you'll also get exclusive, first-hand information, tips, and advice from Recruit Division Commanders (Navy Drill Instructors) on what Navy Boot Camp is really like. We are the only site on the internet that can make that claim.

Why is the information from a Recruit Division Commander better?
You are getting information from instructors that have been stationed at Recruit Training Command for a total of six years and trained nearly 1000 recruits, not from someone that was just there for eight weeks as a recruit and getting most of their information off the internet. We will tell you what to do, and what not to do, as well as plenty of tips and advice.

Can you tell me a little about your guide?
Although we cover all aspects of an enlistment, the majority of the information in our guide covers boot camp. To read our introduction, click here.  Our guide gives you detailed information from the time you start to consider joining the navy until the time you leave the navy. Besides getting all the need to know information, you'll get plenty of advice and tips from our two Recruit Division Commanders. Our guide is so complete, we rarely get any follow on questions.

What if I have a question after I read your book?
This book is very detailed. However, in the unlikely event you have a question not covered by this book or wish us to expand on a topic, our customers are encouraged to visit our forum at www.usnavybootcamp.com/forum, or write to us at [email protected]. Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

Doesn't the Navy Recruiter tell me everything I need to know?
Recruiters are not as familiar with boot camp as we are. Their main goal is to get you in the navy and normally only answer questions you ask and do not volunteer information. Our guide gives you all the information!

How many pages are in your Navy Boot Camp Guide?
Our book is 140 pages of detailed, straight to the point information. We meticulously cover every area of an enlistment and will give you the information you need to know.

Is your guide up to date?
Yes. Our Navy Boot Camp Guide contains the most up to date information available anywhere.  We are constantly updating it to keep it that way.

Does your guide contain information on the Navy SEAL program?
Yes. We will tell you what requirements you need to meet and how to pre-qualify for Navy SEAL training. We even give you the exact physical test you'll take at boot camp so you can start preparing now.  If you are considering Search and Rescue (SAR) training or Navy Aircrew training, we also give you detailed information on these programs. 

Is it true some people have to stay in boot camp an extra two weeks?
Yes. Just days after they arrive, some people are taken out of training and put on hold for two weeks. We'll give you the information so you can avoid that.

Will your guide help me get advanced to E2?
RDC's can meritoriously promote recruits to E2 upon completion of boot camp. We have promoted many recruits in our divisions to E2, and we can tell you how to dramatically improve your chances of getting promoted.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is an on-line service that allows buyers to send money for goods they purchase.

Will it cost me any money to use PayPal?
No. PayPal will not charge you any fees.

Is my credit card information safe when I order through PayPal?
Yes. PayPal information is encrypted and stored on a secure server that is not connected to the internet so your credit card information will not be compromised.

Will my e-mail address or any other information be sold when I order?
No. We will never disclose your information to anyone for any reason. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Can I mail my payment instead?
Yes. You can mail payments to the address on the Order page.

What if I cannot access PayPal through the link on the "Order" page?
Just go to the PayPal web site and log in using the "Members" button, then enter our e-mail address ([email protected]) to pay for your Boot Camp information. If you are not a member of PayPal yet, select the "New User" button to enter your credit card information. After that, enter our e-mail address (above) to pay.

Do I have to pay for shipping for the CD version?
No. We pay the shipping for orders in the U.S. Your total cost for the CD is $19.95.

When will I receive the 'Navy Boot Camp Guide' once I pay?
If you opt to buy the Navy Boot Camp Guide on CD, we will mail it within 1 business day of receiving your payment. It may take 3-4 days to receive the CD through the U.S. Postal System.

If you opt for the downloadable version, the link will be emailed to you as soon as PayPal sends us the order confirmation email and payment is verified.  This may take a matter of minutes or up to several hours.

When I receive the links in an email, how do I access the information?
This process is very easy. Simply right click on the link of your choice with your mouse, then select "Save As" from the options that come up. Once you do that, a "Save As" box will appear; from the top drop-down menu, select where you wish to save the file (most people prefer their "Desktop"), then select "Save" at the bottom. The file will then begin downloading to your computer.

If I don't have Microsoft Word on my computer, can I still view the information?
Yes. You can download Adobe Acrobat free of charge and view the information.

Do I have to choose which format I want (Word or Adobe)?
No. For the downloadable version, the email you receive will contain a link to each format version.  For the CD version, both formats are on the disk.

Why haven't I received an email with my Username and Password to the FORUM as well as the downloadable links??
Emails with a specific Username and Password for each customer are sent out as soon as possible after payment is received. This may take from several minutes up to several hours. If you used a secondary email address (such as Hotmail or YAHOO!) when you ordered please check your spam folder as it may have been directed there. However, if a you did not receive an email within 24 hours please email us and let us know ASAP.

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