To give you an idea of what our Navy Boot Camp Guide is all about, we have included  the actual introduction from our Guide for your convenience.  


We, as authors of this book, are two Naval Veterans who have accumulated approximately 40 years experience in the Navy.  In that time we have spent almost four years each as a Recruit Division Commander (Navy Drill Instructor).  We possess all the knowledge and insight of recruit training and will prepare you for your future in the Navy by giving you a solid foundation on which to build your career. 

In addition to spending several years as Recruit Division Commanders, we have also acquired vast experience in both the shipboard and aviation community.  We are designated Master Training Specialists in the Navy and possess a broad background of Naval Technical Training jobs, which includes Instructor Duty for both In-Flight Aviation and Ground Schools. 

As you can see, we possess a well-rounded military background and are confident we have the experience and training that is critical in preparing you for this giant leap in your life.  In all fairness to our readers, we did not half-heartedly put this book together.  This book is the result of much thought and countless hours.  The information contained herein will not only enlighten you, but also make boot camp more comprehendible and less stressful. 

Please note that we do not intend to demean or tarnish the Navy in any way.  Our intentions are quite the contrary; we are confident that you will have less heartache, more motivation, and be a more informed recruit when entering the Navy.  On the other side of the coin, the Navy will be getting a better recruit and sailor to send to the fleet.  It will make your decision and job easier by having all the facts, and will make the instructor’s job easier because you already know what is expected of you. 

Most people that enter the Navy are not fully prepared to do so.  Unless you have extensive personal experience prior to reading this book, you are unprepared.  Whether you are merely entertaining the idea of joining the Navy, or know someone that is; the information in this book will be invaluable. 

The insight this book provides will give you a head start among your peers.  You will succeed where they struggle.  Not only do we give you an “inside look” at Navy Boot Camp, we’ll cover everything from preparing yourself to talk with the Navy Recruiter to entering the fleet! 

We are certain the information contained in this book will take some of the uncertainty and stress out of boot camp.  Knowing what to expect and what to do beforehand will definitely increase your vigilance and decrease your anxiety.  How many opportunities like this will cross your path?  The more informed and prepared you are, the better sailor you’ll be – and have a greater chance of getting ahead!

Our perspective is a straightforward, honest and personal account of what to expect.  We wish someone had written a book like this before we joined the Navy.  We certainly would have had an upper hand on all our peers and definitive choices in our future.  It would have also saved some wear and tear on our bodies for being so uninformed – yes, less push-ups! 

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